Merchant services provider …..

BMEC has able experience in both the provisioning and facilitating of PRODUCT to Buyers and BUYERS for products, primarily in the Commodities, Energy, Foodstuffs, Medical & Healthcare sectors and additionally, has provided integrated capability for special client markets or market conditions requiring (or otherwise determining) the need for full-service provisioning and support.

Special Relations …..

On several occasions throughout the last decade, enhanced in parts due to the success of our J/V agreements, members have benefitted and enjoyed good relations with leading and/or otherwise prominent figures and dignitaries worldwide, whereby from time to time such relationships have enabled us to even better serve the needs of our international clients via such as enhanced security, banking support or simply general economies of scale.

Market Analysis …..

Over the years, as our collective experience has continued to increase within the various activities and sectors engaged, we have also been able to develop, structure and apply a number of successful commercial strategies, by fully utilizing our collective understanding of general sector or industry trends, pertinent markets and the dynamics of competition therein, and act where needed as a ‘strategic partner’ for our clients, providing additional support as appropriate, by utilizing the skills, resources and local access benefits of our extensive network of business relationships.

Other services …..

BMEC, both directly (in-house) and via our group partners or other associates, is also able to provide for or undertake many other commercial and investment related activities, including professional Commercial and Economic Consultancy services.

Aliud est vendere, aliud vendenti consentire.